Zettai Reiiki 3

Hello, here is 3rd chapter.

It was made together with Madman Scans . They proposed help and I agreed to it because “why not?”. I needed editing and they provided it :). This chapter is in rough state, there are mistakes (we rushed publication of it)… but well I hope that you will enjoy it anyway.

Link: Zettai Reiiki

By the way – as I stated before I’m beginner in translating things into English so any feedback would be gladly appreciated :).

Miyakawake 2 :)

Well there is the 2nd chapter of this manga, I know it was long… but well… I’m really not into editing so I have to relay on other ppl :). My friend who edits Zettai Reiiki said that she will be able to help on Tuesday or Wednesday… She also said that she will do it in a turbo mode if her pride is on the line :O! But I don’t know how to stomp on her ambition xD. Okay never mind… below is the link ^_^, have fun guys:


Review of Zettai Reiiki

I thought I will add short review of Zettai Reiiki, It probably should drive you in (or out) to read this great manga ^_^!

When I started reading this manga I didn’t know what to expect. Art seemed to be appealing and I’m really big fan of 4koma yet the author of this manga haven’t done any other work but even so I decided I will read it whole even so I don’t know Japanese so well (yup I have read it in original version) but the language was pretty simple and I easily got everything what was written :)… so let’s start maybe with:

STORY 7/10:
It is 4koma so one could expect that there won’t be any major story… and yet there is… It starts with some guy whofound cheap flat to live in meeting a ghost girl, Uehara Hinako, that really wants to drive him out from the flat. Well this guy, known as Gotou Seiichi doesn’t want to leave from there and in reality he doesn’t shows any signs of scare before this ghost girl and even better – he falls in love with her. YEP… In this moment, when he said “let’s marry”, I was like “WHAT THE HELL”. It’s pretty unique but even so… the story isn’t so good, don’t wanna make too much spoilers but this manga, like I said at first sentence of this paragraph, is 4koma and 4komas have it in common that they aren’t “story oriented”.

ART 9/10:
As I stated at beginning, the art, although it isn’t really that original, is really appealing and I truly loved it. I love this style and author seems to be making a big effort to put his whole skill into it. Even though this is 4koma the backrounds seems to be okay :). And character faces are BEAUTIFUL.

Characters are nicely done, they aren’t really original. Of course, we have original setting, but their personality is typical – tsundere-like ghost girl, mischievous ghost’s friend (also ghost), clumsy and bobby girl with obviously shy personality, a little perverted but good-natured protagonist etc. But they are still preety decent and I wouldn’t want more of manga like this.

As I stated at beginning – I LOVE 4koma and I really enjoyed this one. This is probably one of the best 4komas I have ever read. Every page made me laugh really hard. And every page made me want to read more and more. I hope there will be more mangas like this one!

My opinion is a little biased taking in accordance that I love 4koma… but I really recommend this manga to anyone who doesn’t hate 4komas, yes I know, there are people like this, I even have friends like this. I don’t really understand why they don’t like this kind of mangas but is that even matter? If you don’t like 4koma – don’t tough it, If you like or have no idea what is that… try this one, you should be really happy reading it :)! It has some flaws so I can’t give it hard 10 but there is no reason to lower score below 9. This is just pure epicness and fun!

btw. my editor, sadly, gone for work… she will be probably back after weekend, I have already 4 chapters translated :). Also InfiniteCubed said he will help me with editing, kudos for him. We will see how it will work out 🙂

Hello World… ekhem… first post, first chapter

Okay, hello everyone. It’s my first time using this wordpress something so I don’t really know how it works, etc. Let’s hope I will learn.

Someday ago I decided to translate one good manga that wasn’t yet translated into English, Zettai Reiiki. It is story in 4koma style about ghost girl and man who can see ghosts.  Below is a short description from Mangahelpers:

Most people would freak out if their new apartment was haunted. But Gotou Seiichi actually welcomes the supernatural, as long as it’s a cute ghost like Uehara Hinako. Seiichi comes from a family who has spiritual awareness and willingly chose the apartment after he heard rumors of a female ghost haunting the place. He instantly falls in love with Hinako who tries every trick she knows of scaring him out. But with every attempt, she makes him fall in love with her even more.

I hope you will like it. As I write this message I’m already at 4th chapter so you will probably see next chapter soon (everything depends on my editor and proofreader).

If anyone has anything to say about this – leave me a message. I’m beginner in translating things from Japanese into English (this is my first attempt) so I can and probably will make mistakes.  I translated many things from English into my mother language but that was much easier.

Here is link: MF